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There’s always a right time for everything: eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

According to Hippocrates, diet is the total of people’s nutrition, clothes and lifestyle and not the restriction of calories and the feeling of deprivation in order to lose weight. In addition, Hippocrates supported that nutrition is determined by the season, climatic conditions, weather changes, age and humans’ temperament.

‘’There’s always a right time for everything’’ … say people and they know something.

‘’There’s always a right time for everything’’… said Hippocrates and he knew something for sure.

The current article, taken into account the principles of Hippocrates and the current evidence about food seasonality, will discuss the importance of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables have higher nutritional value and more health benefits for humans body

Fruits and vegetables peak their nutritional value, taste and freshness when they are cultivated on season, they are ready to harvest and they don’t have to travel a lot from the farm to the fruit market. In that case, fruits and vegetables offer to humans body all the nutrients are needed.

On the contrary, fruits and vegetables out of season are quite contaminated by chemicals, pesticides and hormones. Therefore, it is supported that the frequent use of non seasonal fruits and vegetables impairs biological functions of human body resulting in autoimmune system disorders.

In conclusion, it is really important not only to follow Mediterranean diet guidelines about eating five portions of fruits and vegetables per day but also to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables according natural laws.