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Keep a strong memory and a young brain with a Mediterranean diet

Scientists of neurology department of the University of Oregon published a study which suggests that the Mediterranean diet can slow brain shrinkage. Especially in the elderly could delay symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease and generally to dementia.

Two of the most basic elements for a good quality of life are a good memory and a functional, staying new mind. Of course these are directly connected to one another.

The research was done in healthy people, with different educational level, age and weight. It demonstrated that the type of diet and especially the Mediterranean diet contributed up to 37% in brain size difference. The components that appear to make this difference are the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in the fatty fish such as salmon, whose consumption helps to maintain a good memory. They are also found in hornbeam, in sardine, in herring in a corresponding action. Omega-3 can protect against degenerative diseases, such as dementia.

The complex of vitamin B is found in meat, milk, eggs, yogurt and cheese. These help a lot in the concentration.

The well-known vitamin C is contained in citrus and helps in the treatment of stress.

Vitamin E is found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. More specifically almonds contain a large amount of vitamin E and in combination with magnesium they keep the brain alerted. It is antioxidant, protects the tissues and maintains strong immunity.

Vitamin D is mainly collected from the sun and has an important role in the whole operation of the body, especially the brain. Unfortunately, the collection is difficult. You should not wear sunscreen, do not bubble bath until sunset and expose as much skin as possible. You need all this because vitamin D is created on top of the skin and is absorbed in the late afternoon.

Eating in a Mediterranean diet way has a positive effect on the brain due to reduced internal inflammation and the catering of the body with adequate vitamins and minerals.

The contribution to maintaining a healthy weight and improve metabolism is what makes it an essential tool for a better quality of life.

Researchers recommend to the general population to begin or continue the Mediterranean diet even in advanced age.