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Summer loading…hydrate through your cells

I’m sure you’ve heard and read a lot about the hydration your body needs and also about the quantities of water you have to consume.
Start reading and I’ll make sure you‘ll get all the information you need to stay hydrated!

In this article I’m going to analyze the importance of moisturizing and also retaining the necessary moisture in your body.

Summertime reached and is still more imperative the need to stay hydrated. I know that you might find it excessive for somebody to be dehydrated in our society. Perhaps in your mind, dehydrated person is somebody in the middle of a desert without water. Perhaps also you consider it impossible, specifically when you observe that a big part of population circulate with a cup of coffee, juice or even water.

Therefore I want to inform you that the researches showed that 2 out of 3 are dehydrated!

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There are two reasons for these results.

  1. You do not engage enough quantity of water.

  2. Or your body cannot retain the right quantity of water.

Water is assembled inside cells (intracellular) but also outside round them (extracellular). When the cell is “swollen” means it has enough internal hydration. At that point it increases all its good operations, restructuring with the best possible way your body. This means that your cells are entering an anabolic action helping your ferments to make more rapidly the reactions of production of energy. Also hydrates the intestine and helps it do its daily operations. Helps indirectly fighting increased weight, thus many times hunger is a false sense of thirst.

However in order to gain all the benefits your body should prevail certain concrete conditions. Otherwise, as I mentioned before, even if you consume enough quantity of liquids, your body will not accomplish to retain them. Therefore you need to have sufficiency in vitamins, ferments, greasy acids, metal elements, salts and finally in amino-acids and proteins that they help in the restructuration of tissues. In case all these are absent diurisis increased and befalls bigger dehydration.

In case your cells are dehydrated it’s possible to observe situations such as urinary tract infection (UTI), teeth problems caused by the lack of saliva that provides protection, peptic nuisances. In intense situations of chronic dehydration, cardiovascular problems caused from increased viscosity of blood such as hypotension or hypertension since the body cannot make the essential regulations.

In order to avoid these unpleasant results, especially if you live in a Mediterranean country and more specifically at summertime you should give intensive care in your hydration.

Hydration can be offered by fruits and the juices of vegetables. I propose to eat the fruits and drink the extracted juices of vegetables. This is essential because vegetables have harder peptic fibres than the fruits and can cause problems to your intestine.

A big part of right hydration is the consumption of salt. You should consume unrefined sea salt, which contains over 80 metal and other nutritious elements.

Last but not least! Water!

It is important to consume abundant, good quality, clean water, depending on your weight and your everyday routine.