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A bit of Mediterranean herbs

The Mediterranean is a region full of herbs. Most of them are native. They are easily recognizable, you can find them, mainly in the slopes of the mountains.

Greek Mountain Tea – Sage – Lemon Verbena

Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis)

There are more than 15 different species of mountain tea and all of them have health benefits.  Besides a very tasty beverage it also has many pharmacological properties.

Mountain tea is an herbaceous plant that reaches 30 cm in height, with thin and round branches and fluffy leaves. The flowers are usually pink or purple, or yellow and are in inflorescences. Its various varieties are found in mountainous and stony areas, and all give off a wonderful aromatic smell. Most genus Sideritis species are composed of perennial herbaceous plants, which grow naturally in Mediterranean countries.

Contains flavonoids, essential oils, triterpenic acids, diterpenes, curcumin, and caryophyllin. It also has phenolpropane, iridoids, coumarins, lignans, and sterols. It is considered to contain many antioxidants that are valuable to the body. ideal for the common flu anti-inflammatory good for the bones helps digestion antioxidant painkiller antistress

Latest research shows miraculous effects to combat the Alzheimer’s disease.

It has no stimulatory activity and so you can consume even before bedtime.

The proper way to prepare it, is to boil water and just before boiling remove it from the heat. Then put the mountain tea in and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Strain and enjoy, you may add honey 😉

Lemon Verbena or Louisa

Native to South America, has been cultivated in Europe for centuries. It was first brought over by the Portuguese and Spanish in the 17th century. Lemon Verbena is used as a tea and can light up with its flavor fish and poultry dishes, vegetable marinades, salad dressings, jams, puddings, and Greek yogurt.

High phenolic compounds in lemon verbena give the detoxifying and immune boost characteristics; verbascoside, a biological component in lemon verbena leaf, is the main ingredient responsible for the stress and anxiety-reducing characteristics.

Melatonin in lemon verbena helps reduce insomnia for a good nights sleep; this herb has numerous other health benefits; the only thing left to do, is to try it 😉 combats fever and congestion, reduces munchies, strengthens muscles, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, helps digestion.

Start by boiling water, take water of the heater, put a tea spoon of Lemon Verbena for 10-15 minutes, strain and enjoy.


Sage is a staple herb in various cuisines around the world. Its other names include common sage, garden sage, and salvia officinalis. It belongs to the mint family, alongside other herbs like oregano, rosemary, basil, and thyme. Sage has a strong aroma and earthy flavor, which is why it is typically used in small amounts.

Even so, it’s packed with a variety of essential nutrients and compounds. Sage is also used as a natural cleaning agent, pesticide, and ritual object in spiritual sage burning or smudging. antibacterial antioxidant helps diabetes good for memory anti-aging helps the symptoms of menopause.

Though you have to be careful if you are pregnant or breast feeding don’t use Sage

Start by boiling water, take water of the heater, emerge a teaspoon of Greek Sage, leave for 6-7 minutes (the longer you leave it, it gets bitter), strain and enjoy.

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