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Mediterranean diet is not only food

After the end of World War II an investigation began on behalf of the Mayo institution, led by Ancel Keys. The survey was designed to examine the eating habits of about 13,000 middle-aged men and how they relate to their health. These men-samples were taken from the United States, Japan, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Finland and Yugoslavia. The results were impressive and showed that men from the countries that were poor in food supplies, because of their economic situation, were less likely to have cardiovascular problems. In particular, the best results were found in men of Crete.

Enjoy the gatherings around the table like a Greek

The most important reason for this distinction is the consumption of fresh foods rich in fiber and vitamins. Manual work and the continuous movement of their daily routine also played a big role. But there are more reasons equally important.

One of them is the way of cooking. If the cooking temperature rises too much the food will lose many of its nutritional values. It is characteristic of Mediterranean countries not to process foods a lot and also eat rawer. They use raw olive oil; consume nuts, dried and fresh fruits and many vegetables.

Another reason is the seasonality. The consumption of fruit and vegetables depending on the month thrive. This way the foods are tastier and even more nutritious. It also contains the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. All these help the body to function better and to live longer.

The survey also showed that is also crucial how you manage your food. In the Mediterranean, the lunch time is a ritual. While the meals are prepared with simple ingredients, presentation and service are made with special attention and care. Nobody treats a homemade meal like a snack and hastily. This feeding behaviour gives the body the necessary time for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In the Mediterranean, family meal does not consist only of parents and children, but their relatives and friends. It is a “medium” that brings everyone closer. It is an opportunity for rest and socializing. A meal accompanied by good people helps conscious eating. This avoids reception of surplus calories, with a positive effect on maintaining normal weight.

Of course, you do not need to live in the Mediterranean, to follow this habit. Just prepare with care your food, and when possibly, enjoy it with friends and family.

This will certainly give you a nice taste of the Mediterranean.