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The inflammation therapist

Inflammation is a condition of the body to cope with a fault or microbe. A chronic condition can trigger bigger problems. Food and especially the Mediterranean diet has proven that it can be a great help! As you read my article you will find interesting tips and also a secret how to wake up the DNA of your nuts!

Anti-inflammatory diet

This continuous fatigue results in the deregulation of your immune system. Your body begins to attack itself recognizing it as enemy. So along with any harmful bacteria kills also healthy cells. This is a process that happens to all of us for different reasons. The big problem arises when these infections become chronic. In these cases we can spot autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s or even cancer.

The top weapons against inflammation are  fruits of all kinds and in particular different berry varieties, beetroot which apparently fights inflammation due to its fiber, vitamin C and its betalaine (which are natural pigment).

Extra virgin olive oil, lots of green leafy vegetables and tomatoes. Try to consume one or two times per week fatty fish such as anchovies and sardines, which are abundant in the Mediterranean region.

Last but not least a very special and powerful weapon against inflammation. Nuts! They are rich in fatty acids and in particular Omega 3 fats. Their significance lies in the ability that seems to have in the regulation of dyslipidemias. This setting can improve significantly the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

almonds in bag 250g

Herb Eat & Drink Nuts

Beware though! To get the maximum nutritional benefits of the nuts they must be uncooked, unsalted, but importantly soaked! You can, ideally, soak them in water with sea salt as much time required by each nut. So for example almonds, hazelnuts and sesame needs 8-12 hours while cashews and sunflower seeds only need 2. However, since they do not spoil if you soak them for more hours my recommendation is to put them all together in a bowl. Wash them and replace the water. Make sure they are all covered and leave them rest all night long. This way you will have them ready for consumption in your breakfast but also for the rest of your day.

In this whole process you will manage to reduce the amount of tannins and phytic acid, to improve taste, to make them more digestible and multiply their content of vitamins. Especially vitamin C and those in cluster B.

All the above foods including nuts are in abundant quantity in the Mediterranean diet. If you are looking for the best anti-inflammatory combination that is the Mediterranean diet along with avoiding chemically processed foods.