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My Greek Cousin is introduced in the Greek market through Expotrof expo

The 10th EXPOTROF – The Greek Fine Food Exhibition unfolded at the MEC Paiania from February 3rd to 5th, 2024. Amidst the vibrant buzz of gastronomic enthusiasts, your brand, My Greek Cousin, stood out as a beacon of authentic Greek flavors and heartfelt stories.

At the heart of My Greek Cousin lies a rich tapestry of tradition, family ties, and culinary passion. As we set up our booth, we knew we were about to embark on something special. Our commitment to quality Greek food was unwavering, and EXPOTROF provided the stage for our Greek debut.

From the very first day, the response was overwhelming. Visitors flocked to our stall, drawn by the tantalizing aroma of our products. We shared stories of sun-kissed olives, fragrant herbs, and time-honored recipes passed down through generations. The warmth and curiosity of the crowd fueled our excitement.

We didn’t hold back. Over the course of the exhibition, we gave away more than 150 samples of our finest offerings. Each bite was an invitation to explore Greece’s diverse culinary landscape. And the smiles on people’s faces? Priceless. They tasted not just food but a slice of our heritage.

Our vision is bold: to be the flagbearer of Greek exports. With each handshake, each exchange of business cards, we took a step closer. The contacts we made during EXPOTROF are the threads that will weave our success story. We’re ready to conquer international markets, one olive at a time.