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Chalkidiki olives stuffed with Piri Piri pepper

Variety: Chalkidiki Olives

Type: Stuffed with Piri Piri(extra hot) pepper
Ingredients: Olives, Piri Piri peppers, water, salt, citric acid, lactic acid, sunflower oil
Packaging: 3, 5, 7, 12kg pet bucket. 5, 13, 50, 130kg plastic barrel

Harvest: Late September, green pale olives with crunchy flesh. They are known for their big size some of them grow up to 70 olives per kilo.

Sizes: 101–110 (Mammoth) to 121-140 (Colossal)

Shelf life: 2 years


Exquisite Mediterranean Flavor

Unlock the Taste of Greece with Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper!

Indulge in a culinary adventure with our Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper. Sourced from the sun-kissed groves of Greece, these olives are a delightful blend of bold flavors and exquisite textures. Each bite offers a tantalizing combination of the rich, buttery Halkidiki olive and the fiery kick of Piri Piri pepper.

  • Embark on a flavorful journey to the Mediterranean
  • Taste the perfect balance of heat and tang
  • Experience the vibrant culinary traditions of Greece
  • Savor the harmonious blend of textures and flavors
  • Discover a new level of gourmet enjoyment

A Versatile Delicacy for All Occasions

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper!

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or seeking a delectable snack, our Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper are the perfect choice. With their vibrant taste and versatile nature, these olives complement a wide range of dishes and culinary styles. From salads to pasta, from appetizers to main courses, these olives add a touch of sophistication and excitement to any recipe.

  • Elevate your favorite salads with a burst of Mediterranean zest
  • Create irresistible canapés and appetizers that impress
  • Enhance pasta dishes with a spicy, tangy twist
  • Garnish pizzas and flatbreads with a flavorful punch
  • Experiment with marinades and sauces to delight your taste buds

Unleash Your Inner Gourmet

Experience the Epitome of Exquisite Dining with Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper!

Are you a connoisseur of fine dining experiences? Look no further than our Halkidiki Olives Stuffed with Piri Piri Pepper. Crafted with utmost care and attention, these olives embody the essence of gourmet indulgence. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or simply treating yourself to a moment of luxury, these olives are a must-have addition to your culinary repertoire.

  • Impress your guests with an upscale appetizer that leaves a lasting impression
  • Elevate your home-cooked meals to a restaurant-worthy level
  • Pamper yourself with a moment of gastronomic pleasure
  • Delight in the perfect pairing of olives and spicy pepper
  • Unleash your inner gourmet and savor the finest flavors of Greece