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100 years

of sharing

Heritage that goes back to the previous century, a family of food producers.

From the area of Tatavla in Konstantinoupoli, to Euboea of Greece our family has a long tradition of producing and trading Greek food products.Olives, olive oil, dried figs, legumes, rusks and pasta are among the products we produce and package.

Having a wide palette of goods we are able to cover the needs of our customers in Greece and in more than 12 countries around the world, being the biggest supplier of preserved foods in the Central Wholesalers Food Market of Athens, gives us the edge of understanding the highly competitive market.
A versatile company with production plants in 4 areas of Greece, we work fast and efficiently to come up with new and innovative products (low salt, vegan, natural snack, etc.).

12 month production

140 unique Greek products

4 generation company

48 hours customized products

37 cooperating producers

providing the whole range

of Greek products